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FLUX-SPECK Pump Co., Ltd.

Pump Systems

We are a subsidiary company of Flux Geräte GmbH and Speck Pumpen Walter Speck GmbH & CO. KG. Both parent companies are well-known pump manufacturers with main pump manufacturing factory located in Germany.

FLUX-SPECK Pump Co., Ltd. is established together with a Thai partner company, Sintorn (1994) Co., Ltd.

Main business of FLUX-SPECK Pump Co., Ltd. is to provide sales and services for all kind of pumps to various industries. Services include fabrication, installation, maintenance and repair, and sufficient amount of inventories for spare parts.

FLUX-SPECK Pump Co., Ltd. provides sales and services coverage for the territory of Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries in the Southeast Asia region.

So, we dedicated to provide without compromised sales effort with best best application techniques and solution for customers, and first of all we providing a secure and healthy working environment for all employees.

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